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Thank you 2019. Hello 2020.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

And here we are again, at the juncture between an ending and a beginning.

With one foot firmly planted in 2019 and the other eagerly crossing into 2020, I found myself wanting to sit quietly somewhere, gather my thoughts and let them settle like sand in an hourglass before a new start.

2019 has been all in all a great year. We have finally settled down in Bali, established a handful of really wonderful friendships, celebrated milestones, learned new things, let go of the old and in gerneral progressed.

I am about to turn 35. I cannot believe it. In fact, I am scared. Time flies too fast.

I can tell that with age, I am more seasoned, (a little) more certain of who I am, a little less confused.

I know what I stand for, what works for me and what not.

I learned to keep my mind open, towards people, things, events. And most importantly, gaining the awareness of when I am closed.

I learned to give people chances, and give myself chances.

Learning that no one, and nothing can be perfect.

I consciously made extra effort in nurturing the relationships that I have.

I learned to focus less on what is being offered , but what, I, can offer.

At times, things happen in life that make you question the virtue of being honest, giving and kind hearted. Life can make you extremely cynical.

But I am learning. Learning to find kindness in the most difficult circumstances. Finding kindness in betrayal, in disappointment and injustice.

And I hold on to the times when I was shown unconditional acceptance, amazing generosity, thoughtfulness and loving kindness.

They remind me that despite the seemingly unexplained cruelness and cunningness that happen in this world, there is also unexpected kindness and goodness that continue to keep us afloat.

As we step foot into the next decade, may we continue to mature, be slow to judge and brave to trust.

May we always remember that thankfulness is the ultimate key to happiness.

May we always choose kindness, towards ourselves and the others.

I wish all of you an early happy 2020 :)

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