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About me

Hello! I am Giana :) I am a mother, a trailing wife and the founder of Patisserie Luce.

I am originally from Hong Kong, grew up in Toronto, Canada and married into a big, warm Swiss family.

My husband's work has brought us to Bali, Indonesia, where we are currently living in. 

My dream in life was to become a mother and I am forever grateful to be blessed with my son "Luciano". His name means "Light" which represents our hope that he would bring light to this world just as he did to our life.

After becoming a mother, I started pondering about my identity and what a "fulfilled life" means. I realised that for me, it was to make a mark in this world as an individual and to fully realise my potentials. 

With the support of my loving husband and encouraging friends, I decided to share my love (or obsession?) in baking with the world. My dream for this little adventure is the same one that I have for my son - I hope that my cakes would bring a smile on someone's face and be that little glimmer of light on a gloomy day. Hence the name "Patisserie Luce". 

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