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Common Questions & Answers

  1. How far ahead should I place an order?

It really depends on the size and complexity of the cake.
In general, it is best to place an order at least 2 weeks before your delivery date. Having said that, the fact that this is a "one man band" business allows me to be more flexible for you. I am happy to work with you to come up with a design that can be executed with a short lead time. The shortest lead I have had so far was 4 days :)

2.  Can I mix and match different elements from your various cakes?

Yes, absolutely!

3.  I like one of your cakes but it is too big!!! Can I have a smaller version?

Of course! With pleasure :)

4.  How do I know how big of a cake I need?

As a rule of thumb...
6in(w) x 4in(h) = 12 servings*
8in(w) x 4in(h) = 24 servings
10in(w) x 4in(h) = 38 servings
* This is the standard wedding cake serving portions which is quite small.
* The correct serving portion will depends on factors like, whether the cake is the only food in the party, only dessert and the size of appetite of your guests.

5.  Is delivery included?

Unfortunately, as I do not own a car, I am unable to offer free delivery. Depending on where you live, I might be able to bring the cake to you free of charge if you are near by. However, I am happy to deliver the cake to you at cost. That means if it costs me SGD20 for a round trip to your place, then that will be what I charge.

6.  How much do you charge for the cakes?

That's the million dollar question! hahaha.
Okay, I would say the range is between SGD70-SGD250+.
It really depends on the ingredient and the complexity of the cake.
But again, I am flexible and I am happy to work with a budget that you are comfortable with.
I am not trying to run a conglomerate here :) I am just someone who loves to bake and to create something beautiful to make you smile.
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