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Vienna Bread

When you wake up on the wrong side of bed...

I woke up really cranky the last two days. I couldn't really figure out what was bothering me and it is bothering me lol.

May be it was the fact that someone closed the elevator door at me as I rushed to drop off my son at preschool. May be it was being passed over by three available taxis under the scorching sun of Singapore. Or it could be "hormones", who knows. (P.S. my son has "teething" as a master excuse and I have "hormones". How wonderful is this world.)

I once read somewhere that the process of creating something is deeply relaxing. So what do you do when you need to decompress? Let's BAKE!

We recently passed by the neighborhood bakery and bought Luciano a Vienna Bread which he absolutely loved.

Being a baker myself, I got competitive and thought, "Nope. My son is not allowed to like bread other than my own." And so I decided to try my hands on a Pain Viennois recipe I found online.

Although I often complain about the heat and humidity of Singapore, one thing this place is good for is proving bread. When the recipe says "Place the dough in a warm and humid environment for 1 hr", to me it translates to "Put your dough in the balcony at 1pm in the afternoon". Perfetto.

Look how puffy it got!

When the OCD me sees perfectly shaped bread dough like these, I go "um...ah........".

Gosh I feel like this photo should be rated.

So what was the verdict? It was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

Luciano loved it and so did my husband. The moment the bread came out of the oven, the whole apartment smelled like a bakery and Luciano shouted, "Bao Bao (bread in cantonese), Arno (thats how he pronounces his name), mum mum (to eat)". The bread is super soft, buttery, savoury with a hint of sweetness. And look at that golden crust!!!!!!

This is a perfect bread to snack on on its own or to make a sandwich/hot dog out of it. For dinner, my husband decided to make himself a cold cut and cheese sandwich using the Vienna Bread (He had already eaten two bread before finished making this sandwich. Yes, it was THAT good).

After baking the bread, I took Luciano down to the park for a walk. He saw a herd of pigeons and started chasing them. I watched on and instead of screaming "Don't touch the birds, they have poops on them!!!!!", I just let him do his things.

He was giggling and laughing and having a hell of a time.

And in that exact moment, I forgot the closed elevator door, the taxis that drove by and my wonky hormones.

He is happy and so do I.

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