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Rainbow Chocolate Piñata Cake (Part 1)

The Tale of a Rainbow

Don't you feel happy just by looking at this gem? I do.

This baby took me TWO WEEKS to make. Two weeks of intense preparation which literally turned me into a crazy woman. I went through undercooked cake layers, cracked fondant (two times), not being able to find a delivery box that fitted my cake AND my fridge etc...Seriously, baking is not for the faint hearted.

Here is my feet and my undercooked cake layers (Yep that empty wine bottle is probably from me as well).

Here is my heroic husband trying to make me a cake box while I stood there like a zombie, covered in buttercream and feeling hopeless.

But there is the saying "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow, and the taller your cake." Okay, may be I added the last part.

The moment I finished the cake, I was euphoric.

My friend Ms.C commissioned me to make a cake for her son's 4th birthday. We were sitting in a cafe when she asked and I felt so excited I broke into crazy dance moves (in my head). Problem is, the delivery date of the cake coincided with the day I fly off to Phuket with my girl squad. I hesitated for a second, but told her "No problem, I will make it happen."

Ms.C told me that her son loves candies, rainbows and batman. She said he loves all things sweet and she would like a cake that feeds 25pax with extra that she could give as party gifts.

I went home that afternoon and started sketching.

I knew I need a show stopper with substantial amount of cake. Possibly a two tiers cake with tall layers that blows the kids' minds off and left parents thinking "OMG, they are so going to get sugar high....!!!!" In the end, this is what I came up with:

Top Tier: A chocolate Piñata cake covered in a cloud theme fondant with a rainbow fondant cake topper. In the middle are layers of crazy moist chocolate sponge cake and velvety vanilla Swiss buttercream. When they cut the cake, the kids will go "[Squeak] There are moooore candies coming out!!!

Bottom Tier: A super moist, light, spongy chocolate cake filled with buttery vanilla buttercream tinted in rainbow colors and covered in sticks of rainbow twizzlers. As you cut into the cake, you will be pleasantly surprised with layers of rainbows which will literally make your heart swoon :)

To read more about my client's reaction, please continue with The Tale of a Rainbow (Part 2)...

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