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Fleeting nature of Life

The Chinese new year is quickly approaching, and I have been busy preparing for the big occasion.

Making special decorations, preparing traditional food etc etc.

But this morning we were saddened by the news of the sudden passing of a new friend here in Bali.

We went and visited the family in the morning and my husband and I were quite affected.

As I sat on my meditation cushion tonight, I thought about the fleeting nature of life;

that nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing.

Some changes are drastic, like birth and death.

Some changes are so subtle, like gaining that extra wrinkle or losing that strand of hair,

that make us feel like circumstances, people and things do not change.

But no my dear friend, life is a stream and we are constantly evolving.

For the whole day I cannot stop thinking about the pain that our friend's family is going through.

Although we have not met before, we share the dull pain, the bottomless sense of loss and disbelief.

It reminds me that sometimes the line between "me" and "you"is not so clear cut.

We are all connected, with our lives so closely intertwined.

Together our experiences is like a big piece of flowing fabric that transcends distance, culture and background.

As I sat on my meditation cushion tonight,

feeling the sadness of life's impermanence,

I also found comfort in the same fleeting nature of life -

I know that our friend's family will be OK, because nothing stays forever, not even the direst situation nor the unspeakable pain and sadness we experience now.

And I know that our late friend will also be OK, because like a stream, he is just continuing his journey in another form somewhere else.

Constantly changing, constantly evolving.

RIP our dear friend. We miss you and thank you for the warmth you brought into our lives which will be remembered dearly.

With love,


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