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Bits and Pieces from the Week

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

The unspoken beauty in chaos, messiness and being spontaneous.

I am sorry about the poor resolution of my photos.

Being the extreme person that I am, I got frustrated with how long it takes to upload my high resolution photos so I decided that, "fudge it, I will just select the lowest photo quality setting on the camera."

I thought the lowest setting couldn't be "THAT" bad, I mean its from a proper Canon camera!

But now I realised, "Okay, it is pretty crap."

My past two weeks were crazy as usual. Its always crazy when you have a kid.

My husband is on a business trip in China since last week, so it has just been me and my Energiser Bunny. Great.

It certainly didn't help when my son decided to drop his afternoon nap (so no more naps during the day) and found joy in waking up at 4am asking for milk and play.

I can hear my brain being fried.

My Enegerzier Bunny loves playing with bubbles. He gets completely mesmerised by them.

When I say playing with bubbles, I mean blowing it, licking the bubble blowing stick, pouring the bubble solution everywhere and slips on it.

But something about the slow floating bubbles calms him down.

Not so much for his mom because it gets REALLY messy.

Especially when he insists that only HE can do it.

But mom with the fried brain decided to let go because she desperately needed a breather and her son was having a blast eating bubbles for snacks.

The weekend before my husband left for business, he was cleaning our balcony with a water hose and it turned into an epic water war with our son.

I was originally horrified and ready to lunge forward when I saw him spraying water all over Luciano.

But then I stopped, took a deep breath and saw the pure joy on my son's face.

And his laugh! Oh my, I have never heard him laughed so hard.

I quickly took the camera and captured the moment (unfortunately in really low resolution argh) and started wondering...

When did we stop being spontaneous?

When did we start becoming all practical and deathly allergic to mess and chaos in our lives?

In the midst of giggling and running around puddles of water, my son was living, thriving and having fun.

And so did I.

(until I dashed to the the bathroom to get fresh towels and dry clothes).

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