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A New Normal

Hello my dear readers (heart). How's your week been?

I am currently sitting at our temporary dining table, writing and staring out from the gigantic kitchen window (also the main entrance of all kinds of wild animals), being mesmerised by the sunset.

I don't really have any mind blowing, interesting things to write about...

But I thought I could write about the random thoughts that crossed my mind these few days...

But before that I have to show you this Caramelised Banana Pancake that I made last weekend HAHA (feeling proud).

I was talking to my therapist yesterday and she highlighted that my expectations of myself during this transition period were a bit unrealistic.

In hindsight, perhaps she was right.

There was no need to find Luciano a school and have him started within one week upon arrival.

There was no need to get a car and start driving immediately (and got into an accident).

I could have taken it easy and hire a car for one week so I could get used to the area.

There was no need to start cooking fancy meals for my son in an unequipped kitchen (since he spits out more than taking in anyways).

I didn't even realise that I was expecting myself to settle in immediately.

Instead of expecting detours and delays, I expected perfection.

So instead of rushing through every moment during this transition,

I am going to start letting myself explore the unknown

and take my time in figuring out a new normal for us.

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